One Remarkable Place. Four Inspired Locations.

Under one-hour from Washington D.C., Kent Island Resort is perfectly placed to offer you the right setting for your event, board meetings, conference, exhibition, or banquet.

Conferences & Events

From small-scale informal gatherings for 10 or 20 people to hosting live or hybrid conferences and government events in safe secure surroundings. Our corporate events team will assist you in finding the most suitable space to host your occasion.

Garden House and Pavilion

Overlooking Thompson Creek is our majestic Garden House, with panoramic views of our farmland or 1.7 miles of waterways. Set in the middle of an enchanted forest, the Pavilion has capacity for 300 people and can be tailored to suit any event from product launch to team building event.

The Farmstead

The all-new elegant rustic Farmstead nestles among manicured gardens, offering exceptional views of our estate. Making for unforgettable events, with a dedicated kitchen catering for up to 300 people and expert planning services available, The Farmstead is an unrivaled venue for meetings.

The Chicken Coop

The Chicken Coop Board room offers a distinctive atmosphere that encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. As you step inside, you’ll be surrounded by the rustic charm and character of the original structure, with updated vintage décor, and a touch of agricultural history. The room’s ambiance creates a relaxed yet inspiring environment, perfect for hatching new ideas and fostering productive conversations


Experience the epitome of exclusivity and elegance as you unlock the extraordinary opportunity to “buy out” the revered 18TWENTY Restaurant for your corporate events or retreat. Within its historic walls, a world of sophistication awaits, where every detail is tailored to your needs. Delight in impeccable service and a culinary journey of unparalleled flavors, all while immersing yourself in a private sanctuary where ideas flourish and connections deepen. With its timeless charm and versatile spaces, the 18TWENTY Restaurant provides the perfect backdrop for your unforgettable corporate gatherings, leaving a lasting impression on all who attend.

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